Shenzhen RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd & RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Limited (hereinafter referred as to RONA) is a leading Chinese manufacturer of turnstiles. With over 15 years professional production facilities and advanced engineering innovations, RONA designs & manufactures and successfully markets products that meet international standards of the security industry. Products by RONA work at many hundreds of locations in 60 countries worldwide. We have manufactured a full-line of security turnstiles at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Shenzhen, and obtained CE approval. RONA can provide OEM & ODM services for global traders. Our customers are stadiums, health clubs, factories, schools, governments, embassies, office buildings, amusement parks, arenas and any other site that requires the control of pedestrian access.


    • Name: Drop Arm Turnst...

    • Specification: 1200*165*990MM
    • Category: Drop Arm Turnstile
    • Model: RNCF H5099-1 / RNCF H5099-1S
    • Name: Flap Trunstile

    • Specification: L1600*W300*H1030 mm
    • Category: Flap Barrier
    • Model: RNCF H6088 / RNCF H6088S
    • Name: Full Height Tur...

    • Specification: L1500*W1350*H2200 mm
    • Category: Full Height Turnstile
    • Model: RNCF20238F
    • Name: Sliding Gate Tu...

    • Specification: L1400*W310*H1000 mm
    • Category: Sliding Gate Turnstile
    • Model: RNCF8066 / RNCF8066S
    • Name: Speed Gate

    • Specification: L1600*W160*H1060mm
    • Category: Speed Gate
    • Model: RNCF H8008-12
    • Name: Swing Gate

    • Specification: L1600*W220*H990 mm
    • Category: Swing Gate
    • Model: RNCF F7008L / RNCF F7008LS


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